It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

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Can you believe that we’re almost halfway through 2018?! Are you where you thought you’d be by now? Do you feel as you’ve just been powering through your goal list and are actually contemplating adding some more? Has this been your year of breakthrough?

If so, I am overwhelmed with joy for you. I pray that you continue to receive and savor all that you’ve hoped and trusted God for. I pray a hedge of protection, peace, and love surround and keep you in all your ways.

If you’re not quite there, don’t despair; you’re not alone. I’ve actually found myself in a state of shock that half of the year has taken place and my circumstances still don’t make sense. I’ve watched my friends get their hearts shattered as they were forced to say goodbye to parents and other cherished loved ones. I’ve watched my prayers seemingly go unanswered as I prayed for a break in the storm; instead it’s intensified. I cringe every time I turn on the news and assess the state of our new “normal.” I’ve been challenged in new areas to a degree that has me looking at God like, “I thought we were on the same side?”

I’ve moved from a day-by-day mentality, to a moment-by-moment mindset. Everywhere I turn, distractions and downright difficulty seem to look back at me. What’s going on? I feel the anguish of this world, nation, and environment. It’s enough to make you just wrap up in your blanket and contemplate your life.

This isn’t the life I planned. This is most definitely not the life I prayed for. What’s going on?

Am I striking a chord within you? Or perhaps, someone you’re close to? What gives? Do some people just have what it takes and others don’t?

Absolutely not. Everyone has a unique journey and pace to take. Don’t be discouraged.

It can all change in a moment. One phone call, text message, or email can either bring you to the highest heights of euphoria or plunge you into such depths of despair, that you forget what a sunny day and unadulterated happiness felt like. Life is a balancing act; we move from one end to the other, trying not to lose our peace or minds.

We have so many emotions, but become skilled at not experiencing them all. We master how to mask our true face, sometimes at the extent of losing our real identity. We hold it all inside. We’re scared to break. We don’t want to show weakness and we have to keep it all together, all the time. Don’t we?

I don’t know about you, but it took everything in me to make it out of 2017; I just knew that this year would be worth all of the painful disruptions I had experienced last year. I want to reassure you that you’re not being singled out because God is bored and just feels like screwing with your life. Life truly is cyclical; you have to take the pleasant days along with the painful moments. It’s not easy, but Christ assures us that He will use all of it: the good, bad, and hurtful, for our good and His glory.


God doesn’t waste your time or your pain. The hard part is trusting that you will see the other side of your trial.

Many, many times I almost stopped. The temptation to give up is too real. However, I cannot, and not because of my own strength or will. My circumstances and conscience refuse to allow me to. Anything worth having is going to come with a fight, but what to do when there’s no fight left in you?

In total transparency, my tactics vary. My first reaction is to reach for some dark chocolate or ice cream…but that can only get me so far. In more recent moments, I’ve become more real with my friends and family. I take off the mask that belies “everything is ok,”and I’m honest about how things are really going. I cry out to Jesus (no seriously)…I remind Him of all the things He’s promised me that I have yet to see. I remind myself that there is still time.




  1. Being real with those you trust is one of the first steps to flowing with the process.
  2. Shut down the internal jury that judges your every move and berates you for not achieving overnight success.
  3. Trust that you will get something out of this. Your discomfort and uncertainty make you tenacious and resilient. You will grow in empathy and wisdom as you navigate through.
  4. Things will change. Everyday, someone receives the news they’ve been waiting for all their lives or an update they’ve been dreading. Savor the good times, knowing they don’t always last and take courage in the uncomfortable ones, knowing they’re temporary.

Bottom line is: you don’t have to do life alone. Identify your triggers and have a plan in place for when you can’t figure out how to take one more step. Talk to God. Talk to others. Talk to me. Don’t let everyone assume you’re ok because you look the part.

If you’re reading this post, there’s still time to walk in the fullness of your purpose. Don’t waste another second stressing about what you can’t control or predict. Revisit your goals and get to the heart of your intentions.

Let’s try again. Step by step. Day by day. Together.

Love always,

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