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June 19, 2019Motivation

When Prayers Go Unanswered

Are you waiting on anything? How do you handle the time in between the need or desire and its fulfillment? Think back to anything you’ve ever had to be patient for…how did you wait? Let’s talk about the purpose of the waiting season and how to change your perspective while you...

By Nathalie Michelle1
May 28, 2019Motivation, Self-Help

My Dirty Little Secret

We all have secrets; we savor the good ones and try to forget or disown the terrible. We keep them hidden away and often try to forget them, until something agitates or reminds us of their presence. They hold us captive in their powerful grip, until we finally face them. It’s time to put it all o...

By Nathalie Michelle0
May 7, 2019Motivation, Self-Help

Lessons from the Storm

Have you been riding the Game of Thrones train? No spoilers ahead in case you haven’t; I was recently introduced to the collection and can’t believe it took me this long. (hand on face emoji)  I have actually been attempting to read the series and watch it simultaneously…definitely not as easy a...

By Nathalie Michelle2
March 2, 2019Motivation, Nathalie's Notes

This Time, You Win

This is the month it happens. This time you will see it. Your sweat equity, work, hustle, and hopes come to fruition in this chapter. What’s so different about this instance? Why should everything finally work after years of rejection and denials? What changed this time around? You did. You want ...

By Nathalie Michelle1
February 22, 2019Relationships

Celibacy in Dating…How?

Here’s Part 2 of the celibacy conversation! Are you celibate? Thinking about it? Dating someone who is? Watch this video for practical tips and real talk on how to make it work. Should you take trips with your boo? Have sleepovers with your bae? What about physical touch? How do you go about sett...

By Nathalie Michelle0
February 14, 2019Relationships

Celibacy: To Be or Not To Be?

Happy Love Day!!!❤️❤️❤️ Since I’m not getting any tonight, I figured why not do a vlog on celibacy?😝 Before you hit skip, know that this video isn’t anti-sex or a conversion attempt…If you’ve ever wondered what being celibate was like or have considered it for yourself, check...

By Nathalie Michelle0
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