What’s Your Plan?

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Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année!

We’ve crossed over to 2019 and have 361 days remaining to walk in our purpose and live out our goals. Have you already put up your vision board? Do you have a Master Plan typed and ready in your document queue?

I haven’t and I don’t yet. As I type this, I’m currently looking at last year’s vision board on my wall and the few notes I’ve jotted down in last year’s calendar compiling my goals in a random spattering of bullet points. Is it that I lack the drive to start again? Not at all. My approach this year is a bit different. Check out what I mean in my latest vlog.

I still do believe in setting a target, but how exactly should you start? Think of your vision as the destination and your goals as the pit stops along the way. Use caution however; because if you’re like me, you may tend to set the bar so high, only Jesus Himself could reach it, so of course you’re discouraged when you don’t make it. Or, you may be the opposite and actually set the bar pretty low, so you’re guaranteed success; however temporary it is.

I challenge you to aim for balance in your goals and hopes for the New Year. Incorporate just enough foreseeable growth opportunities while simultaneously making room to replicate the good habits you’ve already begun.

Sounds great, but how?

  1. Dump your brain. No, seriously. Clear your head of all the thoughts and to-do list items that clog it currently. I like to do this on a huge sheet of paper like so.

  1. Connect the dots and identify themes. Sort through your dump and organize them into categories. I use the following:

Spirit: Think about how you want your faith walk to look. Do you need to read your Bible more? Take up journaling? Become stronger in your faith? Learn more Scripture? I’d love to support you. Schedule some time to talk with me here.

Mind: What healthy habits do you need to adopt in order to foster a healthier perspective? What books should you read to enrich and educate yourself further? Should you develop more positive affirmations? See a therapist? My friend Natolie helped me sort through some issues and identify patterns in order to move forward. If you’re in the Atlanta area, connect with her here.

Body: What do you plan to put in it? On it? Are you considering a makeover? What weight loss/gain goals do you have? Are you thinking about joining a fitness group or beginning a home practice? If you’re in need of some accountability and guidance, check out my good friend Shannon’s Fitness Forum here.

Space: What improvements or upgrades do you want to make to your home? Do you want to freshen up your design or try something bold and daring? My friend Krystal is my go to! Need help organizing and tidying up your space? I’m your girl. Send me a message today. Don’t underestimate how a few key changes can affect your attitude, creativity, and mood.

Love: Are you ready to love? Do you have hopes of entering into a lasting and meaningful relationship this year? What do you desire in a mate? Are you already married and looking for ways to spice it up? I absolutely adore coaching wives to keep the sexy in their marriage. I’d love to set up some time to give you some tips. If you’re single like I am again, we can clarify whom you desire to be with, and how to maximize your current season of singleness while activating practical self-love tools that you can get started on right away! Reach out today.

Give: Life isn’t about you and what you can get out of it. It’s so important to adopt a selfless attitude and to put your money and time where your heart is. What causes are you passionate about? What organizations can you commit to serving with your time and gifts? Below are just a few organizations that I love supporting:

Business: Do you own your own business? Do you have an idea that you haven’t been able to ignore? Do you need a phenomenal website to showcase your services? My amazing friend Alanna can help you bring your idea to life. Let this be the year you write the business plan or expand your current efforts. Who do you want to reach? How will you measure success by this time next year? Who do you want to collaborate with? Who are your mentors? Get started today and make it happen. No one can do what you were created to do the way you can. Use that to your advantage and start where you are with what you have.

Money: What are your financial goals and plans for this year? Do you need to save more? Invest? Need to become more consistent in your tithing? There’s no time like the present. Check out my friend Gianna’s new book, Budget Like A Boss for relatable and financially savvy information.

People: What relationships and collaborations do you want to foster this year? With whom do you need to increase communication? Who might you need to cut off? Do you want to be better at staying connected with your loved ones? Send more cards and actually pick up the phone? You have to be intentional and that starts by identifying who is important to you and who is just taking up space.

Adventure: What trips do you want to take this year? Are you interested in learning a new language? What can you commit to doing that’s outside of your comfort zone? Get crazy with it. Take off the limits and allow your imagination to take flight. Book your next trip with my Spelman sister, Raquel.

Icing: This category is for the extras; just like icing, it’s not necessary, but in the right amount, makes everything so yummy. This might be the purse you’ve had your eye on. The hobby you’ve wanted to pick up. It can be the photo shoot you’ve always wanted to have, but couldn’t justify being indulgent in; now’s the time. If you’re on the west coast, let my fabulous best friend Sabra capture your fine self. For my east coast folk, check out my talented friend Tomesha; she’s ready when you are.

  1. Do It. Now that you’ve written it out and posted it somewhere, get to it. Don’t add time or unnecessary excuses. Be patient with your process but commit to daily action to avoid feeling overwhelmed in 6 months.

Did this help? Let me know if you need any further clarification or have any additional tips or questions.

Honored to walk with you,

Nathalie Michelle

P.S. Check out Chapter 6 of my book for further guidance and tips on narrowing down your vision.


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