This Time, You Win

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This is the month it happens. This time you will see it. Your sweat equity, work, hustle, and hopes come to fruition in this chapter. What’s so different about this instance? Why should everything finally work after years of rejection and denials? What changed this time around? You did. You want it badly enough. You’ve finally had enough of letting fear antagonize you. You’re done with allowing your insecurities to boss you around. You’re tired of watching life pass you by and telling yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” You might cringe as you read this, because you’ve been down this … Read More

What’s Your Plan?

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Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année! We’ve crossed over to 2019 and have 361 days remaining to walk in our purpose and live out our goals. Have you already put up your vision board? Do you have a Master Plan typed and ready in your document queue? I haven’t and I don’t yet. As I type this, I’m currently looking at last year’s vision board on my wall and the few notes I’ve jotted down in last year’s calendar compiling my goals in a random spattering of bullet points. Is it that I lack the drive to start … Read More

Phenomenal Woman…That’s Me?

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  I remember the day I got it in the mail. I couldn’t believe she replied! The autographed copy of my favorite poem, penned by favorite poet had arrived. I was in the seventh grade, but I felt like a woman, a phenomenal one at that. I loved Ms. Angelou’s poem not just because of its rhythmic cadence and alluring images, but rather due to the compelling declarative statements praising my secret power: self-confidence. I memorized her words and promised myself that I would never forget the power of my womanhood and assuredness. Then life happened. I realized that I … Read More