Time To Get Unstuck

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We’re almost out of the nightmare that was 2020. It’s insane to contemplate the sheer magnitude and speed these past 366 days have encompassed (because of course this year was a leap year 🙄). The hope that we would have returned to some semblance of normalcy by autumn, seems a distant memory now as we “celebrated” Thanksgiving and our Savior’s birth with fewer places at the table and the buffering of the WiFi.

For many, this year felt like trying to run in mud…you think you’re making progress, but you’re only creating a wider landing ground for when you land on your face. Before you know it, you find yourself stuck with nothing to show for it, and mud stains that look like you know what. How poetic.

Well, it’s time to get unstuck. It’s time to try another route, to go another way, as you remember why you started on the path in the first place. 2020 has taken so much from all of us: it’s made us question our faith, our government, our morals, and our futures. However, I think the worst offense, and this was tough, because there were so many, was that it made us really fear.

We were terrified to hope again. We trembled when we tried to reimagine what our new “normal” would be. We were scared of the sniffles. We feared the headlines. We agonized over the election. We feared the racists, bigots, and self-serving entities in our countries. We marched. We protested. Yet we still feared. We were dubious to believe that we could make a difference. Many of us stopped working on our dreams, we resigned ourselves to a world where evil won, and we went into survival mode as we just tried to make it day by day.

But it’s time to get unstuck. It’s time to dream again. It’s time to trust God again, even if He broke your heart this year- He promises to fix it. It’s time to write the book. It’s time to revisit your business plan. It’s time to forgive and let go. It’s time to love again. It’s time to say, “yes.”

If this is what our new reality is, we can no longer cower in terror, giving in to our vices and insecurities. No, it’s time to pray until something happens. It’s time to get your fight back! You’ve overcome too much to stay here.

We’re on the edge of a new year. We have no idea what is coming, but He does.

This past year was still in God’s control, no matter what it looked like- next year will be too. As we prepare to usher in 2021, we can trust God’s faithful commitment to His word. If you don’t see it yet, He’s just not done.

2020 taught us that we are who we’ve been waiting for. We had to step up in ways we never imagined- across various careers, demographics, callings, and continents. We did it through pain and uncertainty and we’re still doing it. We are the answer to someone’s prayer. It’s vital that we finish what we started and continue to build and create legacy, something 2020 desperately attempted to thwart.

But you’re still here. That’s no accident. Let’s make these last few hours count as we head into the next chapter, already proofread and edited by the Master Author.

I pray 2021 will make you laugh more than you ever cried. I pray for restoration, renewal, and recovery for you and yours. I pray that you stand up one more time and realize it’s time to get unstuck.


All my love,

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